How to teach children to go to the bathroom

A set of steps can be followed to teach the child to go to the bathroom , as follows: 

  • Using the children’s potty: The child should be gradually trained to use the children’s potty, and at first he can be allowed to sit on it fully clothed, then explain the purpose of it in a loving and simple way that the child understands, and try to keep him sitting for a longer period of time by reading a story or singing to him.
  • Following a routine: It is easy to follow a certain routine with the child by teaching him to enter the bathroom, and this can be achieved by taking the child to the potty, to sit on it at regular intervals during the day and continuously, especially as soon as he wakes up from sleep , and after eating meals half an hour or less, and when it appears It has signs of his need to spend his need.
  • Praise the child: The child can be motivated and encouraged by praising him and showing the parents their pride in him and their happiness in him, even if the progress is slow.
  • Establish a role model: Seeing an older sibling or parent going to the toilet helps a child understand and respond to the toilet faster.
  • Do not force the child to go to the bathroom: You should not force or push the child to go to the bathroom, especially if he does not show interest in this matter, as he may not be ready for it at the present time and it should be postponed for several additional weeks.

Tools for teaching a child to go to the bathroom

There are some tools that help teach the child to enter the bathroom easier and faster, and they love it, as some children prefer the potty to the bathroom because it does not make them feel afraid and they can move it from one place to another easily, and parents can encourage their child to use the bathroom by placing a seat Small fit on top of a large toilet seat and chair to rest his feet while sitting. 

The difficulties of teaching children to enter the bathroom and face them

The following are the main difficulties that parents face in teaching their children to use the bathroom and how to face them: 

  • Lack of success from the first attempt in teaching to use the toilet, as this indicates that the child is not ready, as it should not be disturbed by this and postpone teaching the child to use the bathroom for a period ranging from one to 3 months.
  • The occurrence of constipation in the child and his inability to go out in the potty or toilet, which may cause painful problems for him in the intestines, and this problem can be eliminated by resorting to diapers again and consulting a doctor, and retrying to teach him to enter the bathroom after treating constipation.
  • The child reaching the age of 4 years or more without success in using the toilet and his inability to go to the bathroom, and this requires talking to the doctor and consulting him.

How ready is the child to go to the bathroom?

Parents should realize that teaching the child to enter the bathroom will not happen overnight, as it may take 3 to 6 months to get rid of diapers completely, and before starting to train the child on that, it must be ensured that he is ready for this matter by observing the following: 

  • Show the child an interest in the potty.
  • The child’s ability to control himself, and this can be known by keeping his diaper dry for several hours.
  • The child has regular and predictable bowel movements, or knows when he wants to relieve himself; Like going to another room, or hiding behind furniture.
  • The child’s ability to sit on the toilet seat or potty steadily and in balance.
  • Knowing the time when the child needs to go to the bathroom and telling his parents about it.

Video How do I train my son to go to the bathroom

For more tips and ideas to help teach children to use the toilet, you can watch the following video:

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