Success Story of an ambulance driver with the largest production companies in the world

“My childhood was not normal… I had a rather harsh childhood because my father treated me and my four brothers harshly.”

I am Walter Elias, better known as Walt Disney, born December 5, 1901, and lived on my father’s farm in Missouri. My job was to take care of animals, and from there I discovered my love for drawing, I used my time to draw animals and watch how they move, how they walk and even how they chew food. When I was 8 years old, my father got sick and could not continue working on the farm as before and decided to sell it. We then moved into a house to rent, and over the following years, my father was able to open a printing press to print local newspapers.

When I was 15 years old, my brother Roy and I worked in the printing press. During my spare time I distributed newspapers. Roy and I worked at four in the morning and ended at night. I did not forget my love for drawing throughout that period, so I started attending drawing lessons at night after I finished distributing newspapers and working in the printing press.

World War I started when I was 17 years old. She joined the army as an ambulance driver and worked in France as part of an American Red Cross ambulance group mission. During the war period, I used to collect souvenirs from the remnants of the war, to sell them after the end of the war and save some money so that I could return to my country, and indeed I was able to collect money and return to my country, and there, I tried to find a job in the field I loved, which is painting.

I didn’t have much luck at first, but after several failed attempts I was able to meet and work with the right people. We worked together for a while, and then I quit after feeling ready to start my own business, which was Laugh-O- Gram studio. Through this studio, I started making short animated films for my official and production, which were inspired by famous fairy tales such as; Witches and children’s stories.

My first production was two short films, each one minute long. After the distribution of the two films, I was surprised by the size of the mass turnout that they achieved, but despite their wide spread, the financial return was not feasible for me, as the costs of their production were much greater than the return I earned, and in the meantime, I also produced the movie Alice in Wonderland. But as soon as I finished working on this movie, I declared my company bankrupt.

After that, my brother Roy and I decided to set up our own studio in Hollywood, and this studio was in our Uncle Robert’s garage in North Hollywood, California. In this studio, we produced a series called “Alice Comedies”, and this series combined anime, images and real scenes, and from here the real success of our work began, as we signed a contract in the same year to make 12 films, and then we created the character of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, and we started producing films Many like Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi, and Fantasia.

And so our company has been so successful that The Walt Disney Company is today one of the largest media collaboration companies and one of the world’s most popular motion picture production companies. The company is made up of various television networks, production and distribution companies, among which are: ABC Television Network, Disney Channel, ESPN Inc, and CTV Specialty Television. Also, Walt Disney films are loved by young and old and are known all over the world. We also opened theme parks such as; Disneyland and Walt Disney World for children and their families to discover, enjoy and meet Walt Disney characters. She has received a lot of awards and nominations, as the number of Academy Awards she has received has reached 22, and our company’s sales today are approximately $36 billion annually.

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