Travel Insurance: Why is it important to be with you during your trip

Why is travel insurance important?

Travel insurance, however, will be required from many embassies, especially to obtain a Schengen visa for European countries, and recently it is still required from the embassies of other countries. It is considered one of the most important travel necessities and aims to protect you by covering a range of risks and emergency accidents that may meet you during your trip outside the country. First time traveler.

The difference between travel insurance and travel health insurance:

The truth is that there are people who have travel insurance and travel health insurance, but in the end, travel health insurance is considered part of the travel insurance coverage, which includes medical coverage and covers for other risks that may occur during international flights. In the following lines, a presentation of the most important coverages it includes.

Covers Travel Insurance

  • Medical insurance :
    It includes coverage of medical expenses in the event of an accident or sudden illness of the insured. It bears the costs of accommodation and treatment in hospitals in full, including surgeries and the doctor’s expenses, and it will be up to a maximum specified in the policy, and it also bears the costs of emergency dental treatment in an amount that will be specified in the policy (the limit The maximum coverage varies according to the level of the policy, and it will be in more than one level in many companies such as the economic, medium and distinguished, and all the coverage increases the price of the policy, the higher it will be)

Advice: If you obtain travel insurance in order to obtain a visa from the embassy, ​​check the value of the maximum coverage required from the embassy in order to obtain a policy whose maximum coverage is commensurate with the requirements of the embassy.

  • Corona virus medical insurance: Insurance companies have started to cover medical and hospital expenses if the traveler is infected with the Corona virus, but according to the following conditions:
  • Injury of the insured during the travel trip, not before the travel
  • The traveler must have a smear agent 72 hours before travel, and the result of the sample will be negative
  • The person must obtain all the vaccinations for each country before traveling to it
  • Insurance against potential accidents :Such as the loss of bags in travel or their late arrival in time, or exposure to property theft or loss of a credit card or passport, and here the company provides a specified amount of money in the policy in order to reduce financial losses on the insured.
  • Trip cancellation insurance :
    It covers the expenses resulting from the cancellation of the travel trip for emergency reasons such as accidents, health problems or bad weather, as it compensates for the trip expenses that have been paid and are not refundable.
  • Flight insurance :
    It is life insurance in the event of an air flight accident.
  • In the event of the death of the insured :
    The company bears the costs of transporting the body in full and does not bear the costs of the funeral and consolation, and it also pays the amount of money specified in the document to the heirs.

Advice : Make sure you have the insurance policy with you during your travels and read the terms of the document so that you know how to use it if God forbid you need it, and also take a copy of it with one of your family.

How to calculate the price of travel insurance:

Insurance companies depend on the age of the traveler, the geographical area to which he is traveling and the duration of the trip to calculate the cost of the policy, and this is in addition to the level of coverage, which affects the price so that the higher the level of coverage, the more expensive the price.

Insurance companies provide different services and compensation at different prices for the insurance policy you choose, and it is preferable to obtain it from a reliable company like the companies on the capitaltopic website. All you have to do is enter the travel data and obtain the insurance through us with ease

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