LOMA 320 Insurance Marketing

Certificate presented in cooperation with the LOMA Life Insurance Management Institute, and the exam is taken in Arabic

Exam date and date: April 2022 End of registration period: March 10, 2022

Exam date and date: August 2022 End of registration period: July 10 2022

Exam date and date: December 2022 End of registration period: November 10 2022

Regarding the date and time of the exam in the relevant month, the authority will inform the applicant of the date and time of holding the exam in the relevant month by e-mail.

Registration Fee (prices are in USD)*:

*Prices are subject to change as per LOMA policies.

Registration Mechanism:

  1. Exam Center, Palestinian Capital Market Authority / Ramallah – Al-Bireh, Sabiha District, next to Friends Stadium, behind the Arab Bank, Hanf No.: +970 2 2946946 Ext: 131.

Note: “With regard to applying for professional certificates in the Gaza Strip, the logistical arrangements related to the matter will be announced soon.”

  1. The exam will be electronically E-Testing, and the applicant will sit for the exam at the authority’s headquarters, provided that LOMA policies are adhered to, which reaches the applicant after the registration process, bearing in mind that the study will be self-study.
  2. For the purpose of registering for the exam, the applicant creates a LOMA account through the following link: https://learning.loma.org/Default.aspx for the purpose of obtaining a LOMA TEST ID, and for more information about the details of obtaining a LOMA TEST ID, please click here and follow the procedures carefully, with the necessity Note that registration and entry to the exam will only take place according to your LOGIN ID and password.
  3. Fill out ( the attached form ), emphasizing the need to fill in all fields without exception.
  4. The name and document number used in the registration form must be identical to the name and number in the identity document that the applicant will show when entering the exam (identity or passport), and make sure to fill in all the required fields, specifically the email and phone number with the international introduction, and enter the dates according to the format required.
  5. When sitting for the exam, the LOGIN ID, LOMA Test ID and its password must be in the possession of the exam taker, through which the exam will be activated for the applicant electronically, in addition to the identity document.
  6. 7. The applicant pays the exam fees according to the amounts mentioned in the table of prices and fees for the certificates through cash deposits in the bank account shown below and in the currency of the US dollar. The applicant must make sure that his name appears completely and clearly on the cash deposit notice (payment notice).

Bank name: Arab Bank – Al-Bireh Branch

Account name: Palestinian Capital Market Authority

Account Number: 513 – 182682 – 9030

IBAN: PS46 ARAB 0000 0000 9030 1826 8251 3

Currency: US dollar

  1. Once the registration application is completed and attached with all the required documents (registration form and cash deposit notice), the authority will register the applicant with LOMA. The notification on the confirmation of registration and full information about the exam, in addition to a link containing LOMA’s policies and instructions for exam submission such as exam withdrawal, postponement, etc..
  2. It is not possible to register for any LOMA exam more than six months before the exam date, according to the institute’s policies.
  3. The applicant’s sending of the registration request and the cash deposit notice is considered that the applicant has reviewed and agreed to the above steps and procedures.
  4. Additional fees Any additional fees that may arise after registering for the examination and upon the applicant’s request (as determined by the EXAM POLICIES announced by LOMA) will be at the applicant’s expense prior to obtaining approval to sit for the examination.
  5. The applicant is advised to follow up on his email periodically to follow the registration process.
  6. Each applicant must carefully read the instructions given by LOMA because they are policies set by the institute and the authority has no role in them, as there are some procedures, for example, that may result in new financial obligations, which are the responsibility of the exam applicant. In addition to the institute’s instructions for sitting for the exam.
  7. Paid Fee Refund Policy. When the subscriber registers with the Institute, an obligation arises on the Authority for the value of the registration fees. Therefore, it is not possible to recover any amounts deposited in the Authority’s accounts for any reason, and accordingly, the Authority will not be responsible for any claims in this regard.
  8. For inquiries and more information, please contact:

Capital Market Authority

hanf: 2946946 2 970 + ext: 131.

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