Kindergarten teaching methods to deal with kids

embodiment of behavior

A child learns best by imitating and embodying behaviors rather than just telling them how to behave, by setting a good example in actions, by teaching them how to solve problems and behave with others.

Acknowledge what the child is saying or doing

Children should be given positive attention by making them feel that everything they do or say is being observed, comment on everything they do or talk about, or even sit and watch.


Just praising what the child does or even evaluating his actions does not work, as the child must be encouraged to persevere and extra effort in everything he does.

ask questions

This strategy stimulates the child to think, by asking a specific question that makes them think about answering it, which develops their ability to think to find solutions.

Use of the multi-topic curriculum

There are educational curricula that depend on more than one subject in education, so that one or more subjects are taught at the same time, which makes children’s response and learning faster, for example, when teaching a child the language and introducing art in their education, this leads to an increase in the child’s memorization rate .

Defining language for children

Teaching children new vocabulary unknown to them helps them to facilitate better communication with others, and enables them to express themselves more broadly and easier. Children must be taught the alphabet in the kindergarten stage; This is to help them distinguish the letters and distinguish their different sounds from each other.

Introducing children to numbers and arithmetic

There are many activities through which children can be taught numbers and arithmetic such as addition and subtraction, including using and counting tangible objects, or collecting and separating materials from each other, and building cubes helps teach children shapes and places such as: above, above, behind, and so on. 

creativity and art

The use of artistic and creative activities such as singing, movement, and drawing makes it easier for children to express their feelings and clarify the experience they have gone through from cause and effect. Therefore, this strategy that depends on the child’s imagination is also effective in teaching them shapes and colors, where creative activity can be linked to the systematic plan for educating the child, This makes it easier for the child to link all that he learns to each other, linking art with education.

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