How do I make my son special?

Modern and different methods

In order for the child to be distinguished, intelligent and have a unique personality, parents must follow some modern and different methods of education, where the child is allowed to go through life and live the good and the bad in it, under the guidance and supervision of the parents and their supervision over him. They have power over him, but this method is never effective, as parents must be friends with their children, and abandon the method of something that will cause rebellion in the children at an early age.
It is worth noting that agreement and dialogue with them must be reached, even in simple matters such as cleaning the room after playing, answering their questions, and offering rewards to children for the good behavior they do instead of punishing them for wrong behavior. The reward system in education has a greater impact than the system of rewards in education. punishment.

Start early to take care of the child

Parents should avoid postponing attention to the abilities of their children until a certain time, and this does not mean that the child should be a reason for the mother and father to neglect their work and the lives of each of them, as the most important thing in education is to create a balance between all life matters and raise the child properly. It is worth noting that the child must be left to discover himself and his abilities, and here the parents must open the way for him to draw, color, move and develop his skills on his own . 

Make learning fun

The child’s mind is like a sponge, as it receives and stores everything that it sees, feels, smells, tastes and touches, so parents must let the children learn by themselves, so that they satiate their curiosity in discovering everything around them, under the supervision of the parents of course, in this way the child can deal with what around him better, and this makes him enjoy quick intuition, and thus his confidence will increase, which will reflect positively on his behavior in general, and his method of analyzing events will become more logical. It is also important for parents to make their child see problems as challenges to be solved rather than problems to be worried about. 

Giving the son the freedom to choose

It is true that many parents have ambitions and dreams of what they want their child to be when he grows up, but it will always be better to let the child decide for himself what he wants to be in the future. Basically, parents want happiness for their child, so they must let him do what he loves and provide the love and support necessary for their child to be what he aspires to, and to succeed in what he seeks. 

Communication with children

Parents must understand what their children are doing, and this is by communicating with them and spending enough time with them, as the mother and father can enter their child’s world and learn about what he likes and dislikes, know how he plays and the things that interest him, and provide feedback to the child through effective communication with him, then The child will feel that his parents take care of him and he will have more confidence in them and in himself as well.

Son’s personality development

The community and the school have a role in enhancing the child’s personality, but it is not as big as the role of the family, as the child’s personality is formed in the first years of his life and in the times he spends with his family, and there are some tips that must be followed by parents so that the child has a distinct personality, including: [ 3]

  • Not meeting all his requests: some requests made by the child must be rejected, even if they are simple, so that he feels the value of the things he owns and appreciates, no matter what.
  • Say no when necessary and do not back down: Parents should set special rules for their child and not allow him to transgress them, as a child who is accustomed to constant pampering from parents may exceed his limits and become difficult to control his behavior in the future.
  • Praise the child: The child should be praised when he behaves well, or when he is honest, for example when the child talks kindly to others, or stops to help someone in the street, he must be praised.
  • Guiding the child: The child must be directed to what to do and what not to do, by talking with the child about good morals or how to deal with people .
  • A good example: The child watches his parents and learns from what they do in front of him, so parents must have the morals they want to be in their child, such as treating others with respect, talking kindly to the cleaner, avoiding ridicule from others, and many other things.
  • Teaching him gratitude and thanks to others: It is important for the child to get used to saying thanks to others, and to truly feel them towards the gifts or rewards he receives, and to appreciate the blessings that exist in his life, especially the non-material ones.
  • Not doing what the child can do: All that the child can do on his own he must do, so that he is self-reliant and so that he does not become a dependent person.

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