Do you know that earning money from Google Play Store is lot easier than you think?

Earning money with Google Play Store in 2023 is just a fun

There is a very serious potential in the field of earning money by developing applications for Android devices. If you develop a good application or an addictive mobile game that people will love to use, you can earn good profits from this business.

It is important to remember that most of the applications in the Google Play Store or Apple Appstore do not make money. For example, Google Play has more than 3 million apps and games. These applications are in great competition within their categories. Therefore, in order for an application to make money, it must meet an important need and target a large customer base.

In this article, how you can earn money from mobile applications or games that you have uploaded to the Google Play Store and

Top methods to earn money from play store in 2023

For an application to be successful, to be downloaded and used by hundreds of thousands of people, the application must be useful, work fast, and be visually beautiful. It should make people’s lives easier on a subject they need. You should also know how to monetize apps that meet these requirements.


If you develop a paid application and upload it to the Play Store, you will be paid based on the 30-day download count. 70% of the proceeds are deposited to your Google account and 30% of the proceeds are taken as commission.

Do you know that last year alone, app sales on the Google Play Store had a volume of 71 billion dollars? This also means a 27% increase over the previous two years. Now, if we take into account the widespread use of working from home and the technological development of smart phones, we can easily say that we are in a very good time to earn money from the Google Play Store.

Although Google Play is only a marketplace for Android phones, you can also develop applications for Apple, that is, iOS phones, and earn money using the same methods.

So what kind of income model should you have when you develop a mobile application? In other words, in what ways can a mobile app make money?

Remember, a game and a news app can work with different revenue models. We cannot offer you a recipe as each application has its own dynamics. However, we recommend that you consider the following strategies to gain maximum profit from your current application.

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1. In-App Purchase

Some of the apps and most of the games in the Google Play Store make money by offering in-app purchases. The basic logic is to offer some features in the application with a “pro” feature… In other words, the user pays to use a feature within the application. While the basic features of the application are offered for free, the pro features are purchased in-app.

Of course, if the paid features increase the functionality of the application or the most crucial part of a game, it multiplies the earnings rate. In addition, if you are developing an application with in-app purchases, you must give great importance to customer service and customer complaints. Because people will have some expectations from you because they buy your application by paying money.

Candy Crush, for example, is a game with in-app purchases. Currently, the owner of this game earns $ 800,000 per day with this method.

2. In-App Advertising

Actually, we all know this method. There are advertisements on almost every site we visit while browsing the internet. This is a method that is frequently used in the mobile application world. The cost-per-click model is used quite often. In other words, the application owner earns a fee per 1000 clicks or 1000 views.

3. Subscription

The subscription model is a very successful method in many applications. Netflix, for example, works with a subscription method. If you offer a subscription model, you should constantly refresh your content. So when people subscribe to your app, they need to make sure they’re constantly finding new content. Presenting interesting content, encouraging people to spend more time on your app, advertising the benefits of your app well will earn you good money from this model.

4. Compatibility with Different Devices

You have developed an app and it only works on mobile devices. This means not being able to reach people using desktop computers and tablets. The solution is simple: make your app work on different types of Android devices. Smart TV, tablet, etc. Therefore, you can reach more people by ensuring that the applications you upload to the Google Play Store work in harmony with different devices. As such, the revenue model you use (in-app advertising, in-app purchases, subscriptions, etc.) will bring you better earnings.

5. Sponsorship

Getting sponsors for your application is also a valid and common income model. You can present the application you have developed to companies that are relevant to the subject, and you can emphasize the products of this company in the application. Companies usually like this kind of thing. Therefore, if you think that the application you have developed will contribute to the advertisement of which brands, you can knock on the doors of these companies and get sponsorship fees from them.

The basic rule of this method is that the function of the application and the ads shown are compatible. For example, if you have an application related to finance, it may be absurd to have socks in the application.

6. Freemium

Freemium is an interesting way of making money. The freemium model, which is a combination of the words Free (free) + Premium (paid), is very similar to an in-app purchase. Let’s note: The in-app purchase model is mostly used by mobile games. The Freemium model, on the other hand, means that some features of the application are unlocked for purchase. For example, some filters are paid in a video editing program. You buy these filters for money, although many of the app’s features are free.

7. Competitive Analysis

Let’s say you are going to develop an application on X in the Android mobile application world. You can be sure that there are many applications with the same functionality. This means that competition is at its peak. In order to stand out from your competitors, it should offer features that they do not have, the visual design of the application should be better than them. In other words, your application should have such features that people prefer you and stop using competing applications. It is vital that you develop your own application by doing a serious competitive analysis and examining the features of other applications.

8. Winning Categories

As in any business, if you are producing a product, you need to check beforehand whether there is demand or not. For example, you can’t make money from a great app that doesn’t work for anyone. Therefore, you should determine specific categories with serious demands and develop applications accordingly.

For example, there are significant potentials in the following categories:

  • Social media apps
  • entertainment apps
  • mobile games
  • Business and finance applications
  • Music listening and music making apps

Frequently asked Questions

How can I earn money from Android apps?

The most popular methods are in-app purchase, in-app advertising, subscription, sponsorship and freemium models.

How can I earn money by uploading apps to Google Play Store?

You can show in-app ads with AdMob on Google Play Store. 
You can make the application directly paid, downloading the application is paid. 
You can apply the in-app purchase model. 
With the monthly subscription method, you can charge users a certain amount each month. 
Spotify works with this logic, for example. 
Or you can find a sponsor to support your application.

What is the best monetization method on the Google Play Store?

In-app advertising is the most common pattern used in almost all applications. 
It is also possible to earn good money by placing banner ads of the brands you have contracted with.

How can I upload an application to the Google Play Store?

Develop your application, open a Google Play Developer account. 
Pay the one-time fee of $25. 
After your account is approved, enter the control center and install your application.

How much money can I earn from the Google Play Store?

Successful Android developers can earn an average of $5,000 per month.

How much does it cost to install apps on Google Play Store?

The fee to open a Google Play Developer account is $25. 
After paying this fee, you can install as many applications as you want. 
Google takes 30% of the money you earn, and you keep the 70%.

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