Certificate in General Insurance Award in General Insurance W02

A certificate presented in cooperation with the British Chartered Insurance Institute CII, and the exam is taken in Arabic

Exam date and time: Registration is available to applicants at any time of the year, and the exam date and date is determined by the applicant after the registration procedures are completed.

Registration Fee (prices are in USD)*:

register fees144$
Re-Setting Fee86$
Course Update Fee**29$
Program management cost70$

* Prices are subject to change as per CII

** Subject update fees are optional for applicants who are registered to re-apply for the exam and whose issue has expired. This option will provide applicants with the material with its new and updated version for the exam session.

  • Registration mechanism:
  1. Exam Center: Sitting for this certificate is online, either in one of the approved examination centers or through the remote monitoring system.

Note: If the option to sit for the exam is chosen by the remote monitoring system, it is required that the applicant possess a personal proof document in English (such as a valid passport), and if the applicant does not have any official identification document in English, he must register with the option to apply At an approved exam center

  1. With regard to applying for professional certificates in the Gaza Strip, logistical arrangements related to this will be announced soon.

To register for a certificate in General Insurance W02, please fill out ( the attached form ).

  1. The name and document number used in the registration form must match the name and number in the identity document that the applicant will show when entering the exam (identity or passport), and make sure to fill in all the required fields without exception, specifically the email and phone number with the international introduction and the address in detail , and enter the dates according to the required format.
  2. The applicant pays the exam fee (according to the amounts mentioned in the table above) through the cash deposit in the bank account shown below and in the currency of US dollars. The exam applicant must ensure that his name appears completely and clearly on the cash deposit notice (payment notice).

Bank name: Arab Bank – Al-Bireh Branch

Account name: Palestinian Capital Market Authority

Account Number: 513 – 182682 – 9030

IBAN: PS46 ARAB 0000 0000 9030 1826 8251 3

Currency: US dollar

  1. It will be Self-Study by the applicant and the exam will be sat online online, and a certificate will be issued by the Chartered Insurance Institute of Britain upon passing each exam.
  2. Once the registration application is completed and attached with all the required documents (registration form and cash deposit notice), the authority will work to register the applicant with the institute, and the applicant expects to receive a notification confirming registration for the exam by e-mail from the British Chartered Institute, so that the notification contains confirmation of registration and full information about the exam. And the institute’s instructions for submitting the exam, such as withdrawing from the exam, postponing, etc… followed by another email containing the link to the educational material and instructions for activating My CII Account
  3. Each applicant must activate his account on the My CII account, through which any notices or instructions from the institute will be received.
  4. The applicant is advised to check his email and My CII account periodically to follow the registration process and any developments related to the exams.
  5. Each applicant must carefully read the Institute’s instructions and policies received by e-mail because they are specific policies by the Institute and the Commission has no role in them, as there are some procedures, for example, that may result in new financial obligations, which are the responsibility of the applicant for the exam. In addition to the institute’s instructions for sitting for the exam.
  6. As for the applicants who were not fortunate enough to pass any of the institute’s exams, and if the applicant wishes to re-sit for any of the exams, the applicants must follow the normal registration procedures and pay the re-take fees according to what is contained in the professional certificates table and the fees mentioned in the “fees” item. .
  7. Prices are subject to change as per the policies of the British Chartered Institute.
  8. Paid Fee Refund Policy: When the subscriber registers with the CII Institute, an obligation arises on the authority for the value of the registration fees, and therefore any amounts deposited in the accounts of the authority cannot be recovered for any reason, and accordingly the authority will not be responsible for any claims in this regard.
  9. In the event that any amendments or postponements are desired, the CII policy in this regard shall be applied, which is given to the applicants in the registration confirmation email, and with which the Commission has no intervention.
  10. Additional Fees: Any additional fees that may arise after registration based on the applicant’s request (which are specified in the CII EXAM POLICIES) will be charged to the applicant prior to obtaining the Institute’s approval to sit for the examination.
  11. The applicant’s sending of the registration request and the cash deposit notice is considered that the applicant has reviewed and agreed to the above steps and procedures.
  12. Any additional fees that may arise based on the applicant’s request to take any of the procedures mentioned in the institute’s policies such as postponement, and others are within the applicant’s responsibility and must be paid according to the mechanism described above and the need to attach proof of payment before obtaining approval to sit for the exam.
  13. For inquiries and more information, please contact:

Capital Market Authority

Hanf: +970 2946946 ext: 131.

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