7 benefits of car insurance

Vehicle insurance is a written contract between two parties, the first is called the insurer (usually the insurance company), and the second is the insured (the vehicle owner). In return for financial premiums paid by the insured, according to what is agreed upon between the two parties (annual – monthly – semi-annual).
The benefits of vehicle insurance are important for the following reasons:

feeling safe
Car insurance makes you feel safe because any damage gets in your way, especially if the cause is out of your control such as accidents, fire or theft, God forbid, as it is covered and protected under the insurance contract. Thus, your anxiety disappears, and you trust your leadership on the road more.
protection of individuals
It is divided into two parts:
protection from material losses; As a result of accidents.
Protecting society from conflicts between its members, which may turn into quarrels, and the use of force to restore rights, and may reach the courts; But with car insurance, individuals will reduce these disputes between them as the claims end amicably at the insurance offices.

Health and physical protection
The insurance on your car, compensates you for your injury or the injury of the passengers with you in the car, in the event that you have an accident, God forbid.
Protection from natural disasters
You will be compensated for any loss and damage that you may suffer as a result of rain, torrential rain, storm or fire.
It gives you alternative solutions to help you in your daily life
In the event that your car breaks down, the insurance gives you financial compensation to rent an alternative car until your insured car is repaired.
Guarantees repair of damages at the agency
Instead of getting lost in the regular repair shops, the insurance contract ensures that your insured car is repaired at the main dealership of your car company, where you are provided with original spare parts, and high-quality repair.
It gives you the options you want, which are:
Compulsory third party insurance
It is compulsory insurance according to the traffic regulations in the Kingdom and a number of countries in the world, so that the owner of the car insures his car against damage that may be caused to others or their property by 100 percent as a result of an accident resulting from your car – God forbid. This document also includes the fine guarantee certificate and any additional supplement (if any) provided that it does not contradict or violate the provisions contained in the document, but it does not include the vehicle of the insured or its owner and its passengers, and this type of insurance is also called (compulsory insurance), so the owner of the vehicle is legally obliged. He must insure his vehicle in this type of insurance, otherwise he will be punished to the extent of imprisonment if he refuses to do so. But it has its downsides, which are:
Disadvantages: It is limited to a third party’s vehicle, and does not cover any damages that occur to the owner’s vehicle or its driver if he is the one who caused the accident, and he must bear the costs of these malfunctions and damages.

Comprehensive insurance: It is optional for the vehicle, if the vehicle owner wishes to cover his vehicle with full protection, then resort to the comprehensive contract to protect each of his vehicle and other vehicles, and its passengers. It is an insurance program that covers loss or damage to the insured vehicle, including the additions (accessories) inside it. As a result of any emergency collision or overturning due to mechanical failure or malfunctions resulting from prolonged use without maintenance, in addition to damages not resulting from the car accident, according to the terms and conditions mentioned in the document.

  • In which the insured feels the protection of his vehicle, even if he causes the accident, and thus may avoid paying large sums of money to repair it.
  • Covers theft, fire and other risks.
  • It is an optional car insurance
  • The price of insurance mainly depends on the type and value of the car
  • Guarantees advantages over compulsory insurance
  • The coverage of the comprehensive insurance policy can be expanded to include the insured car’s damages for accidents that occur outside the Kingdom for an additional cost
  • It provides optional additional coverages that give a number of benefits that are not available in similar insurance programs

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